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Published: 09th January 2009
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Did you know it takes about six to eight weeks just to grow an inch of your hair? Now, imagine the time it will take you to grow your hair to its desired length. Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem, and that is hair extensions. There is no denying the fact that growing long hair seems like an endless process, especially when you have had a bad hair cut and you are desperately seeking a remedy. That is when hair extensions will save your day and make you look better than before.

You may want to wear a new hair style which is the in-thing, but you also want it to fit in with the next hair trend. Whatever your reason may be, hair extensions will surely help you look great. They will give you those great looking locks that blend perfectly with your natural hair.

The 1980s was the time when hair extensions were introduced. At that time, they didn't get their due recognition in the world of fashion, as they were branded only as a fad. However, the outlook changed as soon as celebrities began endorsing them. From fashion supermodel Tyra Banks to singing sensation Jessica Simpson, the current crop of celebs is going gaga over hair extensions. Even "Posh" Spice Victoria Beckam has recently hit the tabloids with her Pob haircut. Thankfully, hair extensions come in all price ranges, so they are not affordable to the rich and famous only.

Young adults are particularly fond of hair extensions. The range of colors, variety, lengths, and textures that they offer has made them a firm favourite among the young and fashion conscious. What's more, hair extensions give you the option of having a long hair on a night out and take it off the very next day for an official meeting. This flexibility is the reason why they are so popular.

And what about the price? Well, the cost of hair extensions varies according to the type of hair and the method used. Synthetic hair is reasonably priced whereas raw or virgin (untreated) human hair can be rather expensive. As mentioned, hair extensions come in a plethora of styles and textures. A few notable ones are Clip-Ons or Clip-On hair extensions which are priced between $19.50 to $269 a kit; Hot Fusion or Bonding is a method where the hair extension is hot-glued to your natural hair and it costs $300 approximately; Cold Fusion is similar to Hot Fusion but it uses a new technology which is gentler on the hair and is more expensive (around $2000); and the Weave method wherein extensions are braided into the natural hair. Other chic hair extensions include the D'Vine Lengths, Donna Bella hair extensions, Great Lengths hair extensions, Invisible hair extensions, Unique VIP Rinex hair extensions, Cinderella hair extensions, Ultratress hair extensions, Mega hair extensions, Ultra Strands hair extensions, Racoon hair extensions, Micro-cylinder hair extensions, Microchet hair extensions, and Invisible Strands

Please remember to get your hair extensions applied at a salon which has trained and qualified stylists. It is a tough job to apply and remove various forms of hair extensions. If the stylists are not properly trained, you may run the risk of damaging your hair. However, when applied or removed in the correct manner, hair extensions will not do any harm to your hair.

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