The look and feel of Hair Extensions

Published: 19th March 2008
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Hair extensions first made an appearance in the 1980s but were soon dismissed as a fad but now it seems they are back and this time they are here to stay.

Over recent years more and more celebrities have been seen sporting them and now it seems pretty much anyone can get hair extensions in some form.

They are primarily used to add length to you hair but can also serve other functions such as being a way of adding volume to thinning hair or as a way of experimenting with colour. The possibilities surrounding the use of hair extensions are endless and they can dramatically change your look. You could decide you merely want a new look for a night out or special occasions, in which case you should opt for the clip in hair extensions as these are pretty much self explanatory; they just clip to your existing hair and can be taken out when the night is over.

There are also many ways in which you can have your hair extensions applied such as glue, fusion bonding or clipped in. Different methods can sometimes be the deciding factor of how long your hair extensions will last for and also the deciding factor of whether your hair extensions will cause damage to your hair.

The important factor when it comes to hair extensions is deciding which ones are best for you and making the decision of whether they will suit you. You should discuss your thoughts about hair extensions with your hairdresser/stylist as they will be able to give you the most valuable advice about whether hair extensions would be suitable for your hair type and if so which ones will work best with your natural hair.

There are many considerations to take into account when it comes to getting hair extensions and there are also numerous questions that people hold about them such as what they will look and feel like; well hair extensions, whether you have human hair or synthetic are expertly matched to your own hair and colour and are applied so that you wont see any ridges or kinks where the hair extensions attach to your own hair. Your hair extensions will most likely not look or feel different from your natural hair and no one should be able to tell you are even wearing them due to the extensions being matched to your own hair colour.

When hair extensions are applied to your natural hair they should intertwine and in effect create the perfect illusion to make your hair and your hair extensions look completely natural.

Many people often worry that wearing hair extensions will make their hair feel heavy. This however isn't true. When your hair extensions are applied they will feel different from your natural hair and slightly more heavy for the first few hours but that is it and the reason behind that is purely because you are used to having short hair but once the extensions have been in for a few hours your extensions will just feel like your natural hair.

Another worry that many people seem to hold when it comes to hair extensions is that if they or their partner runs their hands through the hair the extensions will be felt when in reality all that you will be able to feel is a slight bump where the hair extension joins your natural hair

Remember hair extensions are very versatile meaning you can wear them in whichever way you feel most comfortable with.

Helen is the web master of Inanch, experts and specialists in Great Lengths Hair Extensions.

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