What can the Brazilian Hair Straightening System do for you?

Published: 13th March 2009
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Also known as the Brazilian keratin treatment, this system is said to be unlike any other chemical relaxer or straightener on the market. Even though it isn't a permanent treatment is it a natural one and unlike other treatments this one will work on all hair types, no matter how damaged! So ladies and gentlemen, the Brazilian hair straightening system could be just what you have been looking for to tame unruly, frizzy, curly and generally wild hair!

The more damaged your hair is the better this treatment will work. If you have coloured, bleached, damaged or afro hair you will be able to have this applied and the results that you will see are amazing. This treatment will leave your hair poker straight, glossy and sleek. When you step out of the salon you will truly feel like a celebrity and your hair will have never looked so good! As the treatment isn't permanent you will need to go back to have the treatment reapplied as your hair will return to how it was before when the treatment has run its course.

What makes the Brazilian hair straightening system so good is the fact the product that is used is a mild chemical solution that is enriched with keratin. When this chemical is applied to your hair it sits on the cuticle but doesn't penetrate into the cortex. This allows the keratin to work at it's best and condition, moisturise and reconstruct your hair. Once the treatment has worked it's magic the result you will see is shiny, soft and more manageable hair. Having the application applied to the hair will generally take one or two hours and the length of time that this treatment will last is anything up to about three months, after which the treatment will have gently been washed out.

Keratin is what makes the Brazilian hair straightening system so impressive, it is a natural substance that comprises approximately 88% of your hair. What the keratin does is penetrates the hair while repairing any internal damage and coats the hair preventing further damage. It is one of the hottest new fads to hit the beauty industry and salons across the UK. So if you are on the lookout for a treatment that eliminates frizz, adds strength and shine to your hair and washes out evenly and still allow you to style it with curls or natural waves - this treatment is for you.

The technique that is involved in the application of this treatment is similar to what is involved in the Yuko system but unlike the Yuko system, the Brazilian treatment won't make your hair flat. Also the Brazilian hair treatment uses straightening irons close to the hair cuticle but this treatment isn't as strong as what is involved in the Yuko system.

Thanks to the high demand of people requesting this fantastic hair treatment, it is now available at a wide selection of salons all across the UK. The one thing that you should make sure of though is that the salon you are going to for the treatment is correctly trained in doing it and I honestly think that once you have had this treatment done you won't want to use any other one.

Brazilian Hair Straightening is just one of the many treatments that is available at Inanch, one of London's top salons. So get in touch with them today and get the Straight Glossy Hair you have always wanted.

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